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Coronavirus Decontamination and Sanitisation Service

CovidClear Limited provide Decontamination and Sanitisation services to all types of business and to the general public, rendering premises and vehicles free of Coronavirus and other known viruses.

We understand that your premises need to be safe so that your staff can work and your customers can trade with you. 

We empathise with those who work in Care Homes, Hospitals and Schools, who not only face the risk of being infected themselves, but who must also keep safe the pupils and care users in their charge. 

Our direct response to the urgency of sanitation and decontamination for businesses and communities alike throughout the North Lincolnshire area was to implement service to the level required of hospitals and laboratories. Our service is more efficient, accurate, safe, and cost effective, than is provided by traditional systems, and can be carried out more quickly, helping everyone to keep themselves, families and visitors safe.

  • Shops, Offices, Hotels

  • Doctors and Dentists

  • Schools, Surgeries

  • Car, Van, Lorry, Caravan

  • Bus, Ambulance, MPV's

  • New Tenancies

  • Moving Home

  • Any property, Any size

  • Decontaminate - Get Safe

  • Sanitise - Stay Safe

  • Back To Work - Re-Opening

  • Symptomatic/Positive

  • Employee Tested Positive

  • Track and Trace Alert Received

Contamination Advice

Call: 01724 500500

Sanitisation Advice

Call: 01724 500500


Better than fogging

Traditional systems rely on people to use a manual application of disinfectant using foggers.

They can be prone to human error, and enable contamination to take place, and some do not even state that they are effective against Corona Virus.

Foggers also leave behind a residue which requires a significant amount of drying time, and which allows the virus to learn how to modify itself against it.

Cleaning and disinfecting: Key weapons i

The CovidClear Way

Our sanitiser unit applies a powerful disinfectant throughout the room in aerosol form, sanitising the air and all exposed surfaces, including floors, ceilings, carpets, curtains, corners and crevices. You can even open drawers and cupboards to ensure that those internal surfaces are clean too! The particles are so small that they can pass into HEPA filters of air-conditioning units.

There are no risks to people, surfaces or electronic equipment, and upon completion of the process, there are no wet patches or traces of residue.

The process will take around half an hour depending on the size of the room, followed by a rest period of around 30 minutes, then the room is ready to be used again. During this time, the active ingredient reverts back to it's basic components which are water and oxygen, which leave no residue on surfaces or in the air, other than a pleasant scent in the treated room.

No need for a team of operatives manually targeting areas that they are sanitising with spray guns and bringing in additional equipment such as heaters and dryers, all of which are open to human error, and risks cross contamination.


  • Does not require driers or heaters for drying

  • Operation takes on average one hour

  • Sanitises the air, surfaces, equipment, floors and walls

  • Allergen, Alcohol and VOC Free

  • Reaches inside open drawers and cupboards

  • Can be carried out during office hours

  • Leaves no Residue, damp or damage

Need A Sanitisation or Decontamination Clean Right Now?

Text Us on 07782 515 109


Call our Bookings line on 01724 500500 


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Fast turnaround means our service can be carried out during working hours or after hours

  Sanitise my home

Call: 01724 500500

  • Complies with BS EN 1276 certified non-toxic virucidal solutions

  • Hospital grade applications for Sanitise and Dis-Infect

  • Completely dry finish, with no residue

  • Carried out by experienced technicians with appropriate PPE

  • Options for after hours or during working hours

  • Approximately 1 hour turnaround per room

  • Options for domestic and commercial properties

  • Bespoke options available to suit your budget

CovidClear &

Sanitise my business

Call: 01724 500500

Evidencing safety

CHAS Logo (Normal).png

Employees and customers alike will be safe in the knowledge that the environment has been satisfactorily sanitised when they see our posters and certificates on display, stating the date and time that the process was carried out, and listing all of the viruses and bacteria which have been eradicated.  

Prior to the sanitisation/decontamination process, Perox Testing strips will be placed throughout the room, in remote or hard to reach areas. These can be examined after the process is complete, and will turn from White to Black to show the denisty of the H2O2 that has been applied.

Covid Clear Limited are accredited members of CHAS (The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) which proves a business’s health and safety processes meet excellent standards.

Need A Sanitisation or Decontamination Clean Right Now?

Text or Call our Bookings line Monday to Sunday between 8am and 8pm on 07782 515 109


Or Click HERE to leave a message


Fast turnaround means our service can be carried out during working hours or after hours


Here comes the science bit



The Automate aHP sanitiser unit is positioned, plugged-in and switched on.


The room volume is calculated and input into the unit, and the start button pressed.

The unit expels the decontaminant into the air and onto all surfaces as if magnetised, and everything will be automatically disinfected. 

Upon completion the Automate aHP will stop, and the room must rest for 30 minutes.

The unique mix of hydrogen peroxide, a blend of ions, super-oxides, and oxygen derivatives, breakdown the cell walls enabling the peroxide to enter the cell, disrupting it's structure and function, and disabling the cell from becoming resistant.

This cannot be said of Fogging systems, which leave a residue of de-contaminant, that allows the organism to modify itself and become immune.

The sanitiser works by boosting in aerosol form, a solution consisting of ultra-pure water with a tiny quantity (<1.5%) of Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) which is a well-known, effective germ killer, even in very low concentrations.

  • Bactericide EN 1040, EN 1276, MRSA, VRE.

  • Fungicide EN 1275, EN 1650, EN 13624.

  • Mycobactericide EN 14348.

  • Active against Covid19, HBV, HCV, HIV, BVDV, human influenza, SRAS, vaccinia, H5N1, H1N, EN 14476 norovirus, adenovirus, rhinovirus, rotavirus.

  • Sporicide EN 13704 clostridium difficile.

  • Meets European Medical Device Directive 93/42/CEE (Class IIa), benefit of the Swiss certification standards.

  • Listed VAH in Germany.

  • Active in under 30 seconds

  • Water based (98%) and alcohol free

  • Ecological: degenerates into H2O and O2

  • 100% VOC-free.

  • Allergy risk-free

  • Completely non toxic. Contains only water and water derivatives

  • No harmful side effects to equipment, people, or the environment

  • Exceeds microbiological norms & standards

  • Faster: instantly digests & eliminates germs

  • Eliminates germ resistance

  • Cleans in-depth at a cellular level

  • Multi-use: surfaces, equipment, floors & instruments

  • Leaves no residues, damp or damage, even on delicate surfaces

  • Free from dangerous goods warnings

  • Extensively tested in European laboratories 

Virus List

We are here to help

There are no timescales for when things will get back to "normal", and no guarantees, but as government restrictions are lifted, and as each type of business start to open again, it is imperative that as many precautions as possible are implemented.


That’s where we can help, with regular or one off  sanitization and decontamination services, which kill corona virus as well as many more.

Fast turnaround means our service can be carried out during working hours or after hours

Call our 24 hour Booking line 01724 500500


Or Click HERE to leave a message


Serving The Frontline

Our experience comes from several years of sanitising the buildings and private ambulances belonging to our sister company – Amvale Medical – with both regular sanitisation or rapid response decontaminations as required, for total disinfection with a fast turnaround.

We are now widening our services to cater for both domestic and commercial properties, including passenger carrying vehicles, Doctors and Dentists, Salons, care homes, schools, places of worship and beyond.

Screenshot (12).png

After Restrictions Are Lifted

There are no timescales, and no guarantees, but, as government restrictions are lifted, and each type of business start to open again, it is imperative that the as many precautions as possible are implemented. 

When this happens, we must all do our best to Clean, Sanitise and Protect ourselves and our environment.

Our daily routines will change somewhat when we go back to work, and when we visit shops, offices, pubs, restaurants and surgeries etc., with cleanliness playing a huge part. In order to maintain the sanitised environment at your place of work or your home, and lower any risk of contamination, it is imperative to maintain hygiene levels to the highest degree.

The processes will be specific to your daily life and industry or circumstances but should include;

  • Cleaning your mobile phone when you arrive at work and at home. This is the thing that you touch the most, and which is most likely to have the highest concentrations of germs and bacteria.

  • Anti-bacterial wipes and hand sanitisers need to be everywhere.

  • High-touch areas such as lifts, hand rails, light switches and door handles.

  • Washing your hands more frequently.

  • Flushing toilets with the lid down.

  • If you develop symptoms, you must self-isolate with other members of your household and order a test to find out if you have coronavirus.

  • If you test positive for coronavirus, you must share information promptly about your recent contacts through the NHS test and trace service to help alert other people who may need to self-isolate.

  • If you have had close recent contact with someone who has coronavirus, you must self-isolate if the NHS test and trace service advises you to do so.

These changes will not go away, because corona virus is here to stay, just like normal flu.

The government has released a full guide for various types of business here:

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