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Decontamination Cleans

Hopefully, you will have compiled a Decontamination Action Plan that describes the deep clean process based on the latest Government Guidelines, and contains all of the required contact details.


Carrying out a deep clean is prone to human error, as the individual(s) carrying out the cleaning process must;


  • Collect and bag all refuse

  • Carefully remove soft furnishings

  • Clean and wipe every surface including Floors, walls and doors, cupboards, shelves and furniture.

  • Give special attention to light switches, rails and handles


All the while keeping a mental log of what still needs doing so that they do not accidentally omit anything.

This is obviously a very responsible and stressful task, which may be safer after waiting 72 hours when contamination levels are believed to drop.

But Can You Wait That Long? 


Image by Markus Winkler

We can help you to turn-around a decontamination deep clean, more quickly and more accurately, and with fewer staff.


No need to wait 72 hours.

No need to arrange for staff or 3rd parties to carry out a full deep-clean.

Your room can be recovered in just a couple of hours depending on room size.

We will de-contaminate each area prior to a reduced, manual cleanse being implemented. The process will sanitise all surfaces including;

  • Floors, Walls, and ceilings

  • Inside drawers and cupboards and on shelves

  • Chairs, Tables and other furniture

  • Carpets and even soft furnishings.

After a 30 minute reset, your cleaning team will be able to carry out refuse removal and cleaning of dirty surfaces and high-touch areas. We will then repeat the sanitise process to complete the deep clean.


We will then recover our bleach testing strips from the extremities of the room, which will demonstrate that the sanitiser has been applied to the correct level.


We will also provide a signed and dated certificate to confirm the processes that have been carried out.

Let CovidClear Limited be part of your Decontamination Action Plan


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